My Favorite Meal

It was ¬†a tranquil yet sunny Saturday afternoon when we were off from classes and the family (all go to school) finds comfort with the presence of everyone at home. During the late seventies, our dear father, Tata would prepare a fresh seashell as our food. Tata would fondly call me…Puri, come let’s eat this shellfish “ganga” and another side dish of fish kilawin “maya-maya” accompanied by old cooked rice. Wow, I could still feel the excitement of how Tata would gather us his children and delight in eating these fresh seashells and freshfish meals. These sweet memories my youth still lingers in my being to be cherished in my whole lifetime.


a glimpse at life

at times I wonder, why life can be so cruel

while exerting efforts the most, you could be at a loss

there are those hard-headed bitch

where your downfall is preach

rise up and walk, prove that you can talk

shout to the world, how your wondrous heart

can paint an awesome world.


Hi, I’m Purie! I’m interested to write blogs about life and its essence but something is holding me back, it may be caused by my subconscious mind. I am delighted though that you are all around to support me in this quest to break free from this bondage of negativity. I thank you for your patience in teaching me the rudiments of writing.